Prime Minister Theresa May gifts China’s President Xi artworks of Beijing and London by British artist and Principal of the Art Academy,  Rob Pepper

London, UK – February, 2018 

British Prime Minister Theresa May has gifted President Xi of China two first edition prints by artist and Principal of London’ s Art Academy Rob Pepper. The gifts were given on her recent state visit to China where she travelled to Beijing to meet with the President. The artworks which depict the cityscapes of both Beijing and London were given to celebrate a “Golden Era” between the two countries.

 “Both the UK and China have rich and distinctive cultures of which we are rightly proud. The agreements on creative and cultural collaboration announced in China mean we will work even more closely together, collaborating on film festivals, theme parks, architecture, history and much more. This visit was an opportunity to showcase the best of British. By sharing our history and culture we will deepen the strong ties between our two peoples.” Theresa May said during her trip.

Rob Pepper has been travelling between the two countries over the past five years capturing Chinese cities through his drawings. His elegant artworks depict the architectural heritage of both London and Beijing. Pen and ink creates an intimate line, that is then emblazoned with bold geometric shapes and colours giving a contemporary vision of these iconic skylines. The two 70cm wide works were mounted together with a plaque commemorating the visit and gifted alongside a hand written note from the artist.

“It’s a huge honour for my artwork to be given as a gift to President Xi by the Prime Minister and for it to be used as a symbol of friendship and connection between our two great nations. As an artist I’ve long admired the clarity of Chinese mark making and in my own work I look to interweave a similar finesse with a contemporary western sensibility.” 

“British culture is highly influential and well respected in China and there are many possibilities for artists and creatives. I foresee ever increasing cultural exchange and as  an artist I’m excited about future projects between China and the UK. In my role as Principle of an art school I’m excited to be exploring the potential of creating new art schools in China which will further enable partnership between Chinese and British artists and students.”

Rob Pepper splits his time between his Dorset art studio, being Principal of London’s Art Academy and regular trips to China where he works on exhibitions, art fairs, product design and public and private commissions.